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Sorry, this section isn't complete yet. I've been working on this website for a long time, and couldn't wait any longer to make it available. One or more links on this page may work, but eventually, they will point to other pages than they do now. Please come back for another visit sometime in the future. And thanks again for this visit. If you have ideas or comments, I'd be glad to receive them whenever you choose to send them.

Jonathan Levine, CSW

Hopefully, this section will be where I get to teach and learn.  I hope to share my thoughts and whatever wisdom I've earned with my colleagues. 

Systemic Family Therapy is a talk I've given publicly.  It seems like a pretty good, if rudimentary, review of the underpinnings of my work  

Random Thoughts (on my mind) would be the place for me to publish whatever is on my mind that seems of interest to health and mental health professionals. I may also put up some older material from classes in Social Work I have taught. Perhaps what I write will generate comments, which can be appended and archived for later reference. 

Another option, Profweb, if I decide to do it, would be a place for dialogue.  My role there would be both participant and moderator. I would hope that many of you choose to contribute your thoughts and comments, so that we can all learn from and help each other. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and take part.



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