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Depression is a very personal disorder--everyone's experience is slightly different . We can look at a list of complaints often mentioned by depressed patients, which suggest some degree of clinical depression.
Bullet Loss of interest in formerly enjoyable activities Bullet Isolation/withdrawal from social interaction
Bullet Difficulty making decisions Bullet Difficulty concentrating
Bullet Confusion Bullet Forgetfulness
Bullet Sadness, crying Bullet Feelings of helplessness/hopelessness
Bullet Thoughts or plans of death or suicide Bullet Feelings of worthlessness
Bullet Excessive or unreasonable guilt Bullet Self-hatred/low self-esteem
Bullet Irritability Bullet Frequent negative thoughts, easily discouraged
Bullet Anxiety Bullet Sense of dread
Bullet Agitation/restlessness Bullet Fatigue, loss of energy
Bullet Loss (or increase) of appetite Bullet Significant weight loss or gain
Bullet Sleep disturbances (including insomnia or hypersomnia) Bullet Physical pain without a medical explanation [e.g. stomachaches, headaches]

Note: This list does not include symptoms of mania [such as grandiosity, needing less sleep, excessive engagement in pleasurable activities with potentially painful outcomes, and others] present in Bipolar and Cyclothymic disorders. See Resources for links to sources of more information on these disorders.

Symptoms may be caused by or shared with many other disorders, so it's important to get a professional evaluation.


If you'd like to keep track of your symptoms, go to the checklist.


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