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Attention Deficit [Hyperactivity] Disorder [ADHD/ADD] is a lifelong disorder impacting work and school, relationships and one's sense of self. Although many adults were not diagnosed as children, they had the same problems and behaviors as children who were. Explanations for their undiagnosed problems had to be found, and most of them tended to be negative.

The popular misconception used to be that appropriate treatment of ADD in childhood-- supportive, educated parenting, behavior modification, teaching of coping skills, and  medication--guaranteed that ADD would no longer be a problem in adulthood. While it is true that support and treatment in childhood may give the ADDult an edge in "grown-up" functioning, they don't eliminate the disorder, and obviously, do nothing for adults not diagnosed as children. While a solid foundation to build on is advantageous, ADDers constantly face new challenges which require new solutions and skills. Medication can help adults as well as children. Awareness of ADD in adulthood is important, since the effects play out in the workplace, family, and in relationships with self and others.


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