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Overwhelmed by messes, disorganized...

Where is it? I swear that's where I saw it. My keys...where are they? Oh, look at the time. I'm late...again. Next week, I've got to get organized.

Bullet Never getting things done the way you planned...

Saturday's here, and you're ready to clean out that closet. You've thought aboutTools it all week, and now it's time to go. Dig in...let's see, top shelf, old papers, tools. Take the tools back to the workshop. Walk downstairs, hammer in hand...Look at that, a loose nail, one good whack...done. Oh, there's another...whack. No, you won't keep working on that now--stay focused; taking tools to the workshop. There...What a mess! If you put all the screwdrivers up there and the hammers over there, and...an hour later, you leave the workshop, wondering what it was you were doing that brought you down there.

Bullet Difficulty feeling motivated when overwhelmed...

You have four things to do, pressure from four directions, all four due in less time Coffeethan it takes to do two of them. For you, it's too much. Maybe someone you know would pick one item and get to work, but you get coffee instead.

Bullet Impatient...difficulty waiting [in lines, for example]...

OK, I can do it. Which line's shorter? Which one's faster? Two [people] in that one, three in that one...HE'S GOT NINE ITEMS. THIS IS THE EXPRESS LINE!!!! I can do it, I can do it. Oh no, she's writing a check--this will take forever. OK, just one more, then me. I can do it. IT'S MY TURN! I... forgot the coffee... Next time I'll REALLY remember to write a list....

Pencil The above scenarios were conveyed to me by my ADDult clients. They have granted me permission to use them on my site, hoping to help further educate and enlighten others about adult ADD. In order to respect client confidentiality, their names have not been included. My special thanks to all who have taken the risk of sharing their stories and frustrations. You've made these pages possible.
Pencil Do you have a story or description that you feel really epitomizes the adult ADD experience? If so, please share it with me. While I can't include everyone's responses, I'll try to rotate the stories on this page with new ones I receive which best describe typical adult ADD experiences. Go ahead, have fun with it! I really want others to understand what being an ADDult feels like, so please help me out!

Comments, questions, or suggestions?  Please, email me.

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